Who We Are

Media Mogul was founded in 2016 by digital marketing experts Trent Silver and Nathan Jurewicz. Trent is the world’s first and only “Robin Hood of Hollywood,” famous for generating international press surrounding his offers to A-List celebrities in order to raise money for charity and to raise marketing awareness for himself, his clients and his products. Most know Trent from his highly-publicized offers to help Lindsay Lohan with her financial problems and Charlie Sheen with his drug addiction. As a modern-day Robin Hood, Trent works his marketing and media magic to “borrow” publicity from celebrities, allow clients to make a profit, and give to the people who really need the money through charities. Trent doesn’t believe in stealing; he believes in a different formula: newsjacking (borrowing) celebrity publicity and thereby helping people in need.

Trent Silver is the current Chief Marketing Officer of Media Mogul, serving alongside:

Dr. Richard Silver, President

Nathan Jurewicz, CEO

Francis Jimenez, Director of Operations, Southeast Asia


  • Shawn T.

    I knew nothing about Twitter when I started. In one month, my account grew from 150,000 followers by using Media Mogul. And we are just getting started.

    Corey A.

    Coming into the social game, Media Mogul was the first company I hired to grow my account. They have extensive knowledge and connections to help grow my following. Thanks so much.